Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Thankful for medical personell that listen!

So, day two brings about what will likely be a recurring theme for me.  Today I am thankful for doctors and nurse practitioners that listen.  Usually it's our rheumy or pediatric groups.  This time it's for me.

As my Facebook friends know, I have a sinus infection.  What my co-workers and a few other people know is that something else has been happening.  I don't know what it is, but I feel like I found a person that may try to help before it becomes a huge issue.  It started years ago as a pain in my thigh that would come and go.  No big deal.  Then I had a few episodes of my hands locking up, often at work, then while driving.  I've had these crazy random, shooting pains that pop up in my knees, shins, & arms, and also hips that occasionally feel like they're on fire at night.  I've had random inflammation in my hands that made me have to wear my rings around my neck, and very hard pain in a couple of fingers.  When I started writing out Christmas cards my hands locked up.  But the weirdest thing, the thing that I started with, is the numbness in my foot.  I thought in the beginning that it was maybe my shoes were too tight, or the Dr. Sholl's air pillows brought my feet too high in the shoe.  Well, now I don't even untie my shoes, my air pillows are far from pillowy, and my foot keeps going numb.  I can go for days without issue, or continuously for days.   This isn't including the jacked shoulder or the tendonitis in my elbow.  I had broached the subject of RA before with the head doctor.  He lied to me, telling me that RA doesn't affect elbows or shoulders.  He didn't even let me get to hands.  His nurse practitioner however... I didn't even suggest it.  (I swear!)  I had decided that maybe all of my symptoms pointed to something else.  She asked me if we had any family history of RA and if I had ever had an RF panel run.   Nope.  So, she looked through my labs, saw that my Vitamin B tends to run low, and ordered the RF panel, ANA, & CBC/ CMP that will include vitamin B, as well as a check on my thyroid since it is slightly out of whack.  Thyroid issues are autoimmune, and once you are opened up to an autoimmune disease it can be like opening the floodgates.  I asked if the vitamin B can be a sign of RA.  It may sound weird but once you kind of know how things work...   She didn't really say, but said that it certainly couldn't help it.  So we shall see.  They took 5 vials of blood.  We should know some results in a few days.  Of course, as I pointed out, Emily has every possible marker glaring out what her problems are, while Zach is sero-negative (arthritis present but doesn't show in the blood work).  I'm just happy that someone has taken this seriously before it becomes crippling.

Oh, & I'm also happy that I was home sick again today instead of sick at work.  I knew that I needed to rest & recoup some energy.  Tis lovely to be home and resting instead of running around like a chicken with my head cut off all day!!! 

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