Monday, January 23, 2012

Rough day off

When my eyes once again snapped open at 5 A.M., I had a feeling today may be tough.  I was at least able to zone a bit for a while, but not really fall back to sleep.  Maybe it was the sinus pressure in my head, busy pounding away, or the stress of realizing that our health insurance isn't exactly as great as it was said to be.  Any which way, I had a rough time getting up today.  I knew how busy the day was going to be.  I managed to get myself together, get the kids up, get my son to the lab.  He was amazing through the draw, despite having an hour wait because they weren't exactly sure how to order all of the vials.  He had 15 vials drawn.  (I thought it was 20 at first, but it was 15.)  He had the nurses giggling.  He's a little charmer.  ;)

After my appointment I went to my church.  It is a week of prayer and fasting.  I spent about an hour there.  I leave feeling so much better than I arrived.  Church is the only place I can break down.  I wish I could break down whenever I needed to, but it just doesn't work like that.  I had to run to WalMart for some household things, and since I had a little time to spare I decided to go visit my parents.

Ok, so I know that things aren't always as they appear.  I don't jump the gun, I don't get dramatic, I don't worry unless I have reason to.  I compile facts, look at the data, try to make reasonable assumptions, then wait for someone with greater knowledge to let me know if I'm right or not.  My mom had gone in for a colonoscopy last week.  They sent her home saying that she had too much iron in her colon.  They wanted her on Miralax twice daily to clean out her system.  Apparently, they said during the scope that very little is getting by so there is a blockage.  They thought that the Miralax would do it, but Mom doesn't think it's working.  I am hopeful that she is wrong.  She goes back next week for scope number 2.  We shall see.  I don't think that they can take much more of her colon without giving her a colostomy bag, but I guess we'll find out if we need to.  Otherwise the parent's are doing well.  Driving each other crazy, but doing so happily.

I had a doctor's appointment next.  I really didn't want to go because he didn't really take me seriously before.  My inflammation labs came back high, but after doing some thinking and looking back at some facts that I had forgotten, I realized that it could have been high from the sinus infection I was fighting.  I also found that being low on Vitamin B can have an impact on the tests, altering results.  As I suspected, that's what he said, too.  We discussed my sinus headaches, which he offered to CT scan.  The thing is, antibiotics over a longer period of time would likely help that, but since I'm allergic to so many, I don't want to wear out the welcome on the few that I can take.  I asked him for his thoughts on Levaquin (the antibiotic) causing tendonitis, (thanks Christine!) and he said that it is possible.  I asked him if it was possible for the shoulder.  He said it's unlikely but there's a very small chance that it can happen.  I am going to try some rotator cuff exercises and see if that helps.  He still has a misinformed concept of RA, I'm pretty sure since he once again told me that it can't affect shoulders,  but this time he listened.  I explained that I don't want drama, I don't think it's anything big happening yet but that something is starting.  He did say that I could see a rheumy if I wanted to, but I think that maybe I don't have all of the puzzle pieces together yet.  I've always been really in tune with my body, and I'm very analytical because I'm so intrigued by everything medical, so I'll just keep on keeping my eye on things.  Not too bad.

Well, work in the morning.  Have a wonderful night!

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