Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Resolution

I am the type of person that either doesn't make new year resolutions, or I make them & don't stick to them. However, thanks to an amazing friend of mine asking people to make a resolution in memory of a special little girl named Marlie who lost her cancer battle this week, I thought I would try to blog daily about little blessings & what I'm grateful for. I spend much of my time thinking about the bright side of things & trying to stay positive. I kind of have to. After all, my previous resolution for the new year was (jokingly) to not have a nervous breakdown. At this point, we've already been through so much that I feel I'm way too strong to fall apart. I can say that this is why I don't drink. As evidenced by my years of smoking, I don't just do things halfway. So, since that was just silly & Marlie seems to have been an amazing child who deserves to be honored, this seems more appropriate.

I resolve to make a post daily of what I am thankful for. It may be small, it may be grasping for straws, but it will be positive. And perhaps we can turn a few people around, make them count their blessings.

If you have ever listened to missionaries speak about their trips, many talk about the water. Many foreign countries have little clean water. Their water causes great sickness. Can you imagine not even having clean water? Living in a hut made of mud? We are so blessed to be living in this great country. Yes, we're struggling, in a recession, the future looking uncertain. However, our worst still can't compare to the best in some countries. So, today I am very thankful to live in the USA. I am thankful to have a real roof over my head, a job that I like, food on my table, 3 amazing children & a husband that I couldn't love any more than I do. We have everything we need. And there are the little things like butterflies, wild flowers, gentle breezes... I'll save those for another day. We are blessed <3

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  1. LOVE that you are doing this!! You are an amazing inspiration... always positive, always giving, always loving... even in the face of so much adversity. I, for one, am grateful for YOU!!