Saturday, August 20, 2011

Quick Update

Yesterday I missed seeing the oncologist.  My sister missed him, too.  THANK GOD she is here!!!  I'm so glad that she had time off available to fly in on such short notice.  She has been a HUGE help; just having the support is awesome, but since I had to be across the state at my daughter's hospital all day yesterday, it was wonderful to have her here.  Even now, as I'm working on getting myself out of here to head there after this update, she's texting me from the hospital to tell me that the surgical site looks great, she has 24 staples (!!!) and they're getting her up to use the restroom as I type this.  :)  And they just pulled out her drain, the last tube in her stomach!

Yesterday Mom was allowed a clear fluid diet.  This was especially wonderful since she was BEGGING EVERYONE for a 7-Up or Sprite!  They also took her G- tube out!  They had pumped an amazing amount of toxin out of there, so it was no longer needed.  She had grown used to it, but now she's much more comfortable.  She still has to wait for the scar to heal up, of course, but she's definitely doing much better.  She looked better & sounded better yesterday.  I really want to talk to the oncologist.  The nurse told my sister that she didn't overhear the oncologist say anything to mom about chemo or radiation, but I can't imagine that they wouldn't do at least one, especially since the tumor had crossed into the abdominal wall.  I don't feel comfortable with the idea of no chemo or radiation!  I do appreciate seeing a new bag of antibiotics hanging every day.  For a small hospital, they seem pretty darn good. 

The first nurse that she had for a full shift caught a medication time error.  I was so thrilled to see that they are on the ball.  They say now that she may be able to leave tomorrow.  Apparently she's now doing so well, except that she doesn't really want to eat.  But she never wants to eat, so that's not unusual.  I'm hoping that once the pull the fluid bag, her appetite will come back.  They're talking about disconnecting her.  Off I go to get into the shower, and meet my aunt & cousin at my mom's house.  We are going to drive ahead of them to the hospital.  I'm hoping for continued great news; it seems likely!  I still have a lot of worries, but I won't let them overtake us. 

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